Key Services

  • Alternative Revenue Generation
    Finding new applications or markets for current products and services. How can you take what you have today and make it more relevant or relevant in areas that are new to your company? Alternative revenue generation is the ability to assess marketing opportunities and target markets both for what you are doing today and what/where else your product or service could be tomorrow.
Alternative Revenue Generation
  • Customer Attraction & Retention
    “It costs seven times more to find a new client than to keep an existing one.”  “One customer who has a negative experience will tell ten other people about that experience.”  We all know how difficult it is to make a new client and then keep that client loyal to your firm over time, but it is worth it.  The most successful firms don’t talk about customer service, they invest in it.  We will help you generate and keep more satisfied clients.
Customer Attraction & Retention
  • Sales Structure, Process & Compensation
    What sales model do you use?  Direct, variable, full-time, part-time, agent?  How do you interview?  What does your inventory of sales skills look like?  How much turnover are you experiencing? What kind of behaviour does your compensation model drive?
    All the elements of a dynamic sales force – hiring, training, mentoring, tracking, reporting and compensating is an integrated process, but only as strong as the weakest link.  We can ensure the chain is strong and resistant to breakage.
Sales Structure, Process & Compensation
  • Personalized Management Coaching
    The impact of business management coaching on business development and leadership performance is significant and lasting.  Our Management and Executive coaching puts front line managers in touch with their coaching style and their reports’ learning style, and provides experiential senior level coaching to your executive team, to provide positive change, enhanced productivity and proven ROI results while building organizational excellence.

Interim Senior Leadership